Healthy Food is all you need for long life, but for some the change is an inconvenience.  In order to eat healthy and develop healthy habits it takes dedication and self control.  Many make excuses, and one excuse I have heard many, many time is:  “I have eaten this way all my life and I am fine”  Until one day they are at the doctors because of one thing or another.

Olive oil is mentioned in the Bible over 200 times!

It is one of the few specific foods mentioned by Jesus as a healing food, as reported by Luke the physician in the third Gospel.

The ancient Hebrews regarded Olive oil as the key to long life.  Often attaining lifespans of 100, 200 years or more.  According olive oil bottleto the Psalmists, when Olive oil was applied directly on the skin it penetrated the body relieving aches and pain and restoring strength.  Today we know that when rubbed on the skin  it protects veins and arteries, guards against dangerous clots, lowers high blood pressure and normalizers low blood pressure.  I have used it and it works, such as the time my daughter had bad cramps in her leg.  I massaged the leg with Olive oil and soon the cramp way gone.

There is a report of the oldest woman ever in the Guinness Book of word records, recorded on August 1997.  The woman’s name was Jean Calment and she died at the age of 127.  She attributed her long life to Olive oil and a single glass of port wine before meals.

People in Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain, depend on Olive oil in their diets.  Reports  show they have half the number of heart attacks as American’s who consume our western diet. Even though there fat content is the same, their fat comes from the Olive oil, not animal fat which is not a healthy food.

One more fact concerning Olive oil is that of a gentleman named Goddard Ezekiel D0dge Diamond, lived to be 120 years old, the same age as Moses when he died.  Goddard wrote a book in 1899 called “The Secret of Long Life” and stated “If I live until May 1, 1900, I will celebrate my 104th birthday – and am now in the enjoyment of good health as when in my 30′s, 40′s and 50′s”.

He also stated that he used the oil externally for aches and pains and in the distilled water he drank.

Which plant has magical healing powers mentioned in the Bible?

The spice Aloe mentioned in the following scripture is the Aloe Vera plant.  This scripture from John 19:38-40 -“Joseph of aloe plantArimathea…came and removed the body of Jesus.  He was joined by Nicodemus….who brought with him a mixture of myrrh and aloe.  They took the body of Jesus and wrapped it with the spices, in strips of linen cloth.”   The Egyptians believed that the Aloe Vera plant had magic healing power and assigned the plant royal status.

More credit for this Aloe plant  is that the Indians of both Central America and Mexico were so amazed at this plant’s ability to relieve so many ailments, such as cough’s, abscesses, arthritis, bursitis, cataracts, burning urine, diabetes, genital herpes, gangrene, cramps, stomach pain, intestinal problems, leg ulcers and the list goes on.  That they called this plant  “The Hand of God”.

If you get Dr. Julian Whitaker’s newsletter you have read the story of a 10 year old boy that had a rare brain tumor. This tumor continued to grow because surgeons were unable to remove it.  The pain from the pressure was so great the his eyes were bulging.  A friend of the family suggested the boy drink Aloe Vera juice.  Finally the parents agreed, and started giving him 8 ounces of the juice daily.  After 90 days the boy was in remission.

Herbs and fish are healthy foods also mentioned in the Bible

Fish appears many times in the miracles and words of Jesus Christ.   Fish for food is mentioned frequently in the New Testament of the Bible.  Namely the miracle of the Loaves and Fishes (Mark 6:41-2).  Only in the last decade have scientists learned about the astonishing array of ailments cured or relieved by Fish, or as we know it Omega-3 fatty acids.

Found in deep sea fish such as Salmon,Tuna, Sardines, etc.  Also God has provided some vegetables with Omega-3 fatty acids, like Flaxseed oil, evening-primrose oil and walnuts.  But fish oil is by far superior than the plant form.  Some of the ailments known that have been helped by using this healthy food  Omega-3, are Aids, Arthritis. Breast Cancer, Heart attacks, Lupus, Migraines, Psoriasis,  Multiple Sclerosis,  HIV virus and many more.

I can go on and on but you get the idea.  Read your Bible and find the answers to your long life.

Thank you for your interest in Healthy Food Facts, reported in the Bible.

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